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Overview, Whitepaper & Documentation

Getting started


GainForest™ is a decentralised fund using artificial intelligence to measure and reward sustainable nature stewardship.

Green Paper

A one-page summary of GainForest and its core concepts.


GainForest Whitepaper discussing our system in detail.

Transparency Dashboard

High-level overview of the GainForest Transparency Dashboard

API reference

API to our data, models and algorithms (coming soon)

What is GainForest?

GainForest is an open platform that empowers sustainable nature stewardship efforts by unifying:

  1. Accessible and automated monitoring
  2. Auditable and decentralized payments
  3. Stakeholder engagement and user-focused token incentives

Private stakeholders can pledge money to Indigenous communities and forest conservation projects through GainForest's smart contracts. The GainForest platform then automatically unlocks donations to communities responsible for protecting ecosystems when monitored milestones are achieved, while at the same time compensating stakeholders for their trust in these communities with a tokenized reward system.


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