Planet-Positive Cryptoeconomics

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett

Figure 9: Illustration of a GainForest Dynamic NFT

Markets turn donors into investors by providing them an expected (environmental, social, or economical) return on top of their donations. Conservation projects around the world are deeply dependent on reliable and continuous funding. An investor often has a stronger sense of ownership than the usual donation relationship. GainForest leverages advancements in the young field of cryptoeconomics and ideas from radical markets to use its decentralized green fund (see Chapter 3) as a playground for novel incentive and funding models. Our market abstraction allows us to explore a plethora of mechanism designs from continuous conservation auctions to digital self-assessed licenses. In the following, we will provide as an example of these new incentives an introduction to our GainForest Dynamic NFTs, Measure-To-Earn and Composable Credits.

Figure 10: High-level overview of GainForest cryptoeconomics

Dynamic NFTs

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Composable Credits

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3️⃣ Decentralized Green Funds