"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal." - E.O. Wilson

Our planet urgently needs decisive climate action - and climate action urgently requires exponential innovation and scaling. The 1.5 degree target set by humanity in the Paris Agreement is getting out of reach within the next two years. Many researchers are concerned that industrial deforestation will lead to ecological tipping points within the next 3 years, which can cause an irreversible desertification process and the potential loss of 50% of the world's terrestrial plant and animal species. The science is clear, we need to act now.

We deeply believe that the GainForest platform will be a daring step forward in innovative technology, open transparency, and scale that can lead to novel ways of sustainable and continuous finance for conservation projects, dignified work for forest communities, private citizen stakeholder engagement and positive climate impact.

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